Welcome to Manpower Asia

Manpower Asia is very oldest agency in Bengladesh. It is Bangladeshi largest agency foundation and clients specialist and the region's leading manpower solutions provider for manpower supply sector works which include skilled/qualified, semi-skilled, non-skill and general workers .Manpower Asia Founded in 1986, and it started to keep contribution in manpower supply sectors by the 250 workers with general technical trade in 1987.

Manpower Aisa is a concern with objective to reach the valued client more carefully in dealing Manpower alongwith a set of experience and qualified strong team to select primary to finally services with a degree of efficiency that saves time, money and energy.

Our mission is to be the leading qualified manpower, creating value for all labour solution sectors. We aim to achieve this by forging strategic alliances in upgrading of our manpower and management skills.

Service is our Motto and we look forward with confidence to the future.

Our Achievements
Year Employer Country Manpower Supply
2015 Italy, Cyprus and Fiji Mixed 35 pax
2014 Oman & Qatar Mixed 45 pax
2013 several companies Bahrain 58 persons
2012 several companies UAE 160 Persons
2011 M/S El Omarao Company Ceramica
Egypt 34 workers
2010 Egyptiai Chininge Knitting Garments Co.
Naturelety Company
Egypt 30 workers
2009 Azhas Errabea Co. General Constricting Co. Libiya 36 workers
2009 Taled construction and engineering swics co. Singapore 186 workers
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